DJ Chop Shop


As far back as I can remember I always wanted to be a DJ.  After training at student station KCRS on the Northern Iowa campus, I worked at a series of stations including KUNI/KHKE in Cedar Falls, KWLO in Waterloo and KWAY in Waverly.
Being in the music scene in the 80’s was a blast.  So much great music!  College Radio had intersected with the main stream and R.E.M. was on the Top 40.  I’ve always loved that music.  About seven years ago I decided to scratch that itch and put together a DJ rig.  At first playing venues like The Triangle Tap and The Cumming Tap.  During the COVID lockdown, I transitioned to an All Vinyl rig.  I bought about 200 Vinyl LPs and a couple of nice Audio Technica DJ Turntables along with upgrading my speaker system with new EV Powered Speakers.
I call myself DJ Chop Shop.
I’ve poured through the archives of the CMJ New Music Report along with Billboard and other dance charts to assemble a now 300 LP strong catalog heavy on 80’s College and Dance Music.
Requests are encouraged.  I furnish menus at my shows that list about 800 songs along with paper slips folks can send up to me.  Curating this collection for a couple of years means I don’t really have anything I don’t really like.  Check out my Facebook page for upcoming shows!

Video DJ set with over 750 vids available.


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